Aim & Scope

Learning, which originates in a desire for knowledge, has always been fundamental in the shaping of social life. It has lost nothing of its importance with developments in technology. Under the influence of Information Technology (IT), learning has acquired new dimensions, discussed quite regularly on many levels.

The aim of this conference is to discuss future innovations in the field of learning. The conference will encourage a debate on strategies for the development of the most effective methods, techniques, and technologies that will serve humankind in the lifelong learning process. Human beings are, after all, centrally involved in learning, and its fundamental “raison d’être”. This year, to be different from other years, the special theme of the conference “Next Generation” has been selected.

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“Learning”, which in itself is an innovation, promises to acquire even greater importance in the future. We are therefore calling for contributions (research papers, posters, workshops, and panels) focusing on future learning and next generation, and examining the related issues through original research and exploration.